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Withdrawls and thank god for my blackberry!

May 20, 2007

We have been without internet or phone for almost three days. You just don’t know how much you depend on telephone and internet until they’re gone. Apparently there was some line down and a lot of people were without service and Time Warner promptly came out three times, the first to tell us it wasn’t us, the second to learn the problem wasn’t the original like they thought and the third to actually fix it. Third times the charm.

On the plus side my blackberry has been working overtime this weekend. As much as I adore my phone, it is a huge pain trying to surf the net with such a tiny screen and tiny keys and tiny roller ball, clicky thingy. Without my phone though I wouldn’t have found my next knit project! Hush hush from After looking at the pattern my heart sank, the measurements are much too big. Not all women are fortunate enough to have breasts, or a butt for that matter, some of us are unfortunately built like 10 year old boys. So after a lot of thinking and math I think I have successfully modified the pattern to fit an XS and an XXS. I have the perfect yarn, I had originally bought it to knit butterfly. In fact I had bought two different colors to knit butterfly because apparently I was high and thought I could actually knit it, boy was I wrong! Now, the white yarn I bought is going to be used to knit hush hush and I was shockingly able to get gauge on size 2US Inox Express needles, so that helps the whole modifying process! I was so dissapointed by my inability to grasp the pattern of butterfly, but hush hush has totally cheered me up! It is a lovely dress and with the right undergarments will make a wonderful going out party dress… or… late night naughty bedtime “party” dress. *snicker*



May 17, 2007

Pitter patter of hearts, turning of heads, the desire to pull that ribbon and unravel all that she hides, she is indeed intolerably cruel.

It is a huge hit with the husband. “I can’t believe you made that. That is so amazing, it’s my favorite.” – as his hand travelled down my ass. Sweet guy. LOL!

Intolerable Cruelty


Needles: #2US Inox Express, #6US Knit Picks Options

Yarn: Mystery – cotton/silk blend

Gauge: 25sts/ 40rows/ 4″

Modifications: CO for size S, increased for size XS, decreased for size XS, cut elastic for size S. I used #2US 24″ circulars to knit the body, and #6US 32″ circulars to knit the ruffle. From hem ridge, to where the ruffle starts measures 18.5″. If I were to knit another one I would make the skirt longer so that it falls about an inch or two below the knee.






I love this skirt. I feel so scandalously sexy and beautiful in this skirt. She hugs every single curve of my body, at first I was worried about how my ass would look, but hell, she even manages to make it look good! She’s a keeper and who knows, maybe I’ll knit another one. Props to Ashley Moncrief on the design, she freaking rocks!

OMG Don’t do that!!

May 16, 2007

Two posts in one day.  I’m on a roll!

Monday night at the baseball field, instead of asking people to excuse him so he could get down from the bleachers he decided to jump. 

“OMG don’t do that.  You’re OLD.”

*laughter from our friends and strangers in the stands*

Today is his birthday.  I won’t tell you how old for fear of offending people that I think *insert age* is old… which I don’t, I was just teasing him.  Anyway, Happy Birthday Baby! 

Ms. Marigold

May 16, 2007

Another wonderful pattern from the ladies over at Zephyrstyle. Sometimes I just fall in love with a pattern and I can’t help but want to knit two or three or more of them.

Ms. Marigold



Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cathay, I used just under 5 balls.

Needles: Inox Express #5US and #3US

Modifications: I omitted the ruffles at the shoulders, while I know how to crochet I just didn’t want to bother with them, plus I rather like the utilitarian look of Ms. Marigold without them. Plus the ruffles are rather girly. I added approximately 1″ in the waist. I detest short shirts that don’t cover the tummy. I’ve had two kids… no one wants to see the pouch and stretch marks. I’ve had several people ask about the depth of the neckline. Believe it or not I did not modify it one bit. I am not the most accurate measurer, if it looks close it’s good enough for me, which may explain why my neckline is higher. Personally I tried to go for that really deep V, but after awhile I just got tired of knitting back and forth and decided it looked good enough.



Yarn: Knit Picks Ambrosia in Petal, I used just under 5 balls.

For $5.99(I think the price went down because when I bought it I believe it was $6.99) you can’t beat Ambrosia. It is an alpaca and cashmere blend and it is soooo soft and wonderful. I love this yarn! My only complaint is the lack of color selection.

Same needles, same modifications as the last Ms. Marigold. I wear both in the summer. I live in TX… and unless for some reason you live in hell… you aren’t going to find a place that gets hotter or more humid.


May 15, 2007

I spent months practicing my knitting.  Months of knitting squares, over and over again making sure every single little cast on stitch was perfectly spaced, and every single little knit stitch was perfectly even – I was obsessed.  The first time I ventured beyond knitting squares I scoured the internet for a pattern that required the needles and yarn I already had.  I was a gauge virgin and understood nothing about swatches and stitches per inch or how going up or down a needle size would help you attain gauge.  I thought I would start out simple – a hat, except all the hat patterns I had come across required circular needles(I have a very cute story about circular needles…. remind me to tell you about it later.)  I had no clue what circular needles were and the idea of knitting in the round was so foreign to me, I just didn’t get it.  I finally came across a pattern for a hat that you knit flat and all in stockinette and seamed up the side.  That seemed so simple to me because I knew how to stockinette stitch and I while I’m not the best sewer I knew that I could at least seam.

Cool variegated yarn.  Allbeit acrylic… I’ve become a yarn snob since then.


Lookin really good.


Wait for it…


I stuck that needle in and started sewing that sucker together and after I was done I realized that something was wrong, really really wrong.  I am so proud of this project.  I don’t care if my seam job looks like crap.  It was my first knit project. 

*Circular needle story*  I needed a pair of circular needles so I called the husband and asked him to stop by the craft store on the way home and buy me a pair of circular needles.  So he comes home and hands me a pair of straight needles.  I look at him all confused and told him that I had asked for circular not straight needles.  He looked at me with a confused, pained look on his face and declared that they were circular… “See the needles are round.”  At which point I just started laughing.  Apparently he thought needles came in different shapes, like squares and so after I was done laughing at him(not with him) I explained the difference between circular and straight needles. 

One year ago

May 14, 2007

Plants aren’t very difficult to take care of.  There are two things plants need.  Sun and water, or in some cases shade, and I suppose they need room to grow… As you can tell I know nothing about taking care of plants.  One year ago Mother’s Day my family bought me a Calla Lily, which is one of my favorite flowers.  It was beautiful and I thought it’d be really nice to put it in a pot and keep it in our house, except apparently Calla Lilys don’t really belong inside….  Needless to say after a couple months it looked really sad and pitiful and I assumed it was pretty much dead so I asked my husband to put the pot on the porch and we’d plant something else in it.  Well… people get busy and the pot just sat there for a couple weeks at which point we finally got around to replanting, except when we went out and looked in the pot… the Calla Lily had come back.  Now it looks like this and although it hasn’t bloomed again, I’m hopeful that it will!  Oh and in the pot behind the Calla Lily is a rose bush I received from my son’s second grade teacher for being her room mom last year.  It is one of those plants that comes in one of those boxes that you can just stick into dirt.  Personally I think it looks dead but I’m holding out hope it’ll come back like the Calla Lily did. 


 Such a beautiful and sexy knit, and quick.  Currently I am working on the 7 inches between increases and decreases.  I have made several modifications but will wait till it’s finished to write it up. 


For some reason I’m totally obsessed with knitting skirts.  My next skirt will be Dakarti Skirt found in Greetings from Knit Cafe.  Julia did a beautiful job! 


May 11, 2007

I love love love Orangina! Stephanie Japel aka Glampyre has some amazing stuff. I am so tempted to knit one in every color under the sun. If you haven’t knit one yet, you have to!


Pattern: This pattern is so clever. Essentially you knit two squares, put them together, knit the bottom, and seam. I love it!

Yarn: RYC Cashsoft 4-Ply in black and Rose Lake.

Needles: #2US Inox Express, #3US Inox Express

Modification: I used smaller needles to knit the ribbed bottom.






Indigo Ripples Skirt is a keeper! Not only did I get many compliments many of my friends were excited to see how it turned out. *grin* TX heat and humidity… the skirt was light and breezy and didn’t sag or stretch. I will definitely knit another one, maybe this time with the Den-M-Nit. Oooh I shall have to call my LYS and see if they carry it.

Here goes nothing

May 10, 2007

I’m going to wear my skirt out today.  I figured what was the point of waiting for some special occassion, especially when the skirt is so versatile.  I can dress it up or down, plus it’ll be nice to show it off to my friends who saw me knitting it.  I’m sure they’re all dying to see the finished product. 😉   I will let y’all know how it holds up.  So far its been worn for several hours and it’s comfortable, hasn’t sagged or stretched. 

Poor little butterfly has been put on hold.  I just can’t quite figure her out.  Maybe I’m thinking about it too much but the whole thing seems like one big mess.  The hem seems too big.  I did 15 repeats for the XS whereas it seems most people did 12 or 13.  I know one day I’m going to be sitting somewhere and it’s just going to come to me like a lightbulb going off, right now my brain is too fuzzy.

With butterfly on hold this gives me the opportunity to work on other projects like intolerable cruelty, but most importantly my own design which has been sitting on the back burner because I’m not quite sure how to go about starting it.  I’ve never done this before, I’m always curious what the process is for other people who create their own designs.  Their very first one, how did they start?  Maybe I should sketch something first. 

Indigo Ripples Skirt

May 9, 2007

I thought I blogged about it but it seems I’ve blogged about everything else under the sun except Indigo Ripples Skirt.  There is a KAL for this skirt, you can find it here Indigo Ripples Skirt KAL and another over at Craftster.

Indigo Ripples Skirt

Pattern: Kat Coyle – Interweave Knits Spring 2007

Yarn: Silk City Perle 3/2- 100% Cotton.  I’m not sure what the official color name is but it’s a very nice bluish gray.  At first I was worried about the yarn because it’s spun very tightly but am extremely pleased by the finished project.  The skirt drapes nicely and is soft and comfortable.  Because it is cotton I would definitely recommend washing and drying before wearing.

Needles:  US #6 Knit Picks Options

Time:  Approx. 1.5 weeks – This was a very quick and simple knit and would definitely recommend for a beginner. 

Modifications:  None, but if I were to knit another skirt I would omit at least two, maybe three increases in the hips.  My skirt falls a little below my knee.  The picture in the magazine has the skirt hitting above the knee.  Due to the yarn I used, I was able to get gauge width wise but it was longer length wise, which is why mine is longer than what the pattern calls for.  I personally don’t mind this because I tend to like my skirts(and dresses) to fall a little below my knee. 

Pattern Correction:

Unfortunately I had already finished the skirt before the correction came out.  In the close up you can see the pattern mistake.  I don’t think it’s that noticeable and it doesn’t look bad, at least not bad enough to frog and redo.  My next skirt will reflect the correction though.





Rusted Root

May 8, 2007

I finished this ages ago, around my birthday which was in January.  I even have pictures of it during its progress and upon comepletion but unfortunately I wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath and you can see stuff.  It was a very easy and quick pattern, one of the many things I enjoy about Zephyrstyle.  This is actually the second of three patterns I’ve bought from them, the first being Ms. Marigold, which I knit two of.  The third was Glee which I ended up frogging and recycling that yarn to knit the second Ms. Marigold.  Eventually I’ll go back and reknit Glee except this time I’ll pay closer attention to gauge.



 I’d add pattern notes except I don’t really remember needles size.  I knit the XS, used 100% cotton which I recycled from a sweater.  The sleeves are an issue.  Not only do they not pouf, they are also a little tight, and this is after I frogged and added more increases.  The tightness of the sleeves isn’t too much of an issue for me, I wear it regardless.