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May 31, 2007

I don’t know how many patterns I’ve passed up because the measurements just didn’t add up. For about a year I thought about knitting hush hush but after looking at the pattern notes and sizes I realized there was no way it would ever fit me without some serious modifications. At the time I wasn’t nearly as comfortable with my own abilities to modify anything let alone something I was going to wear(math is not my strong suit.) This has been a really great learning experience for me. Normally I would complain and whine when I made such a huge mistake that I needed to frog, but this time around, while it is a bit disheartening it’s actually good, how else will I learn what not to do if I don’t do it first? I just finished the waist decreases before realizing that the decreases along the side were too many and now the straps will be oddly placed. So now I have to frog a good 2″ and find another way to re-work the waist decreases. I am thinking of making front and back decreases instead.



Not bad considering they were taken with a camera phone. Even with my own modifications, there is a huge amount of decreasing going on. So far the dress measures a little over 21″ and I am just working on the waist. I chose to make this longer than the pattern because I plan on wearing it as an actual dress and the nightie version is considerably shorter. I also did a million measurements of myself and then cast on for what would be an XXS if the original designer had gone down that far. Hush hush will be fairly form fitting but I almost think that’s better than being on the loose side because there is going to be a little stretching with a hand knit dress.