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Books are your friend

May 24, 2007

First of all, you can never have too many books. Especially if they’re knitting books. Out of all the books though, I am most excited about Knitting Lingerie Style. Even if all the other patterns in the book were terrible (which they aren’t, but if they were…) the pattern for the bodice on the cover alone puts this book at the top of the heap! Isn’t it gorgeous?





I’m one of those knitters that starts a project and depending on my level of interest becomes so obsessed and immersed that they just can’t work on anything else. I’m also one of those one project at a time kind of gals, although technically right now I have two projects on needles, hush hush and salina… but I digress. I am obsessed with finishing hush hush. Something about wanting to get to the end so you can see how it turns out. That and the fact I modified the hell out of the pattern so I’m curious as to see if my modifications worked. Earlier today I was overcome with fear that maybe it was too small. I obsessively measured one of my favorite dresses and compared that to hush hush. Happily I am on the right track!