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Withdrawls and thank god for my blackberry!

May 20, 2007

We have been without internet or phone for almost three days. You just don’t know how much you depend on telephone and internet until they’re gone. Apparently there was some line down and a lot of people were without service and Time Warner promptly came out three times, the first to tell us it wasn’t us, the second to learn the problem wasn’t the original like they thought and the third to actually fix it. Third times the charm.

On the plus side my blackberry has been working overtime this weekend. As much as I adore my phone, it is a huge pain trying to surf the net with such a tiny screen and tiny keys and tiny roller ball, clicky thingy. Without my phone though I wouldn’t have found my next knit project! Hush hush from After looking at the pattern my heart sank, the measurements are much too big. Not all women are fortunate enough to have breasts, or a butt for that matter, some of us are unfortunately built like 10 year old boys. So after a lot of thinking and math I think I have successfully modified the pattern to fit an XS and an XXS. I have the perfect yarn, I had originally bought it to knit butterfly. In fact I had bought two different colors to knit butterfly because apparently I was high and thought I could actually knit it, boy was I wrong! Now, the white yarn I bought is going to be used to knit hush hush and I was shockingly able to get gauge on size 2US Inox Express needles, so that helps the whole modifying process! I was so dissapointed by my inability to grasp the pattern of butterfly, but hush hush has totally cheered me up! It is a lovely dress and with the right undergarments will make a wonderful going out party dress… or… late night naughty bedtime “party” dress. *snicker*