Pitter patter of hearts, turning of heads, the desire to pull that ribbon and unravel all that she hides, she is indeed intolerably cruel.

It is a huge hit with the husband. “I can’t believe you made that. That is so amazing, it’s my favorite.” – as his hand travelled down my ass. Sweet guy. LOL!

Intolerable Cruelty


Needles: #2US Inox Express, #6US Knit Picks Options

Yarn: Mystery – cotton/silk blend

Gauge: 25sts/ 40rows/ 4″

Modifications: CO for size S, increased for size XS, decreased for size XS, cut elastic for size S. I used #2US 24″ circulars to knit the body, and #6US 32″ circulars to knit the ruffle. From hem ridge, to where the ruffle starts measures 18.5″. If I were to knit another one I would make the skirt longer so that it falls about an inch or two below the knee.






I love this skirt. I feel so scandalously sexy and beautiful in this skirt. She hugs every single curve of my body, at first I was worried about how my ass would look, but hell, she even manages to make it look good! She’s a keeper and who knows, maybe I’ll knit another one. Props to Ashley Moncrief on the design, she freaking rocks!


2 Responses to “Scandalous”

  1. nika Says:

    Why did you cast on for size small?

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I wanted the skirt to sit lower on my hips.

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