Ms. Marigold

Another wonderful pattern from the ladies over at Zephyrstyle. Sometimes I just fall in love with a pattern and I can’t help but want to knit two or three or more of them.

Ms. Marigold



Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cathay, I used just under 5 balls.

Needles: Inox Express #5US and #3US

Modifications: I omitted the ruffles at the shoulders, while I know how to crochet I just didn’t want to bother with them, plus I rather like the utilitarian look of Ms. Marigold without them. Plus the ruffles are rather girly. I added approximately 1″ in the waist. I detest short shirts that don’t cover the tummy. I’ve had two kids… no one wants to see the pouch and stretch marks. I’ve had several people ask about the depth of the neckline. Believe it or not I did not modify it one bit. I am not the most accurate measurer, if it looks close it’s good enough for me, which may explain why my neckline is higher. Personally I tried to go for that really deep V, but after awhile I just got tired of knitting back and forth and decided it looked good enough.



Yarn: Knit Picks Ambrosia in Petal, I used just under 5 balls.

For $5.99(I think the price went down because when I bought it I believe it was $6.99) you can’t beat Ambrosia. It is an alpaca and cashmere blend and it is soooo soft and wonderful. I love this yarn! My only complaint is the lack of color selection.

Same needles, same modifications as the last Ms. Marigold. I wear both in the summer. I live in TX… and unless for some reason you live in hell… you aren’t going to find a place that gets hotter or more humid.


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