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May 15, 2007

I spent months practicing my knitting.  Months of knitting squares, over and over again making sure every single little cast on stitch was perfectly spaced, and every single little knit stitch was perfectly even – I was obsessed.  The first time I ventured beyond knitting squares I scoured the internet for a pattern that required the needles and yarn I already had.  I was a gauge virgin and understood nothing about swatches and stitches per inch or how going up or down a needle size would help you attain gauge.  I thought I would start out simple – a hat, except all the hat patterns I had come across required circular needles(I have a very cute story about circular needles…. remind me to tell you about it later.)  I had no clue what circular needles were and the idea of knitting in the round was so foreign to me, I just didn’t get it.  I finally came across a pattern for a hat that you knit flat and all in stockinette and seamed up the side.  That seemed so simple to me because I knew how to stockinette stitch and I while I’m not the best sewer I knew that I could at least seam.

Cool variegated yarn.  Allbeit acrylic… I’ve become a yarn snob since then.


Lookin really good.


Wait for it…


I stuck that needle in and started sewing that sucker together and after I was done I realized that something was wrong, really really wrong.  I am so proud of this project.  I don’t care if my seam job looks like crap.  It was my first knit project. 

*Circular needle story*  I needed a pair of circular needles so I called the husband and asked him to stop by the craft store on the way home and buy me a pair of circular needles.  So he comes home and hands me a pair of straight needles.  I look at him all confused and told him that I had asked for circular not straight needles.  He looked at me with a confused, pained look on his face and declared that they were circular… “See the needles are round.”  At which point I just started laughing.  Apparently he thought needles came in different shapes, like squares and so after I was done laughing at him(not with him) I explained the difference between circular and straight needles.