One year ago

Plants aren’t very difficult to take care of.  There are two things plants need.  Sun and water, or in some cases shade, and I suppose they need room to grow… As you can tell I know nothing about taking care of plants.  One year ago Mother’s Day my family bought me a Calla Lily, which is one of my favorite flowers.  It was beautiful and I thought it’d be really nice to put it in a pot and keep it in our house, except apparently Calla Lilys don’t really belong inside….  Needless to say after a couple months it looked really sad and pitiful and I assumed it was pretty much dead so I asked my husband to put the pot on the porch and we’d plant something else in it.  Well… people get busy and the pot just sat there for a couple weeks at which point we finally got around to replanting, except when we went out and looked in the pot… the Calla Lily had come back.  Now it looks like this and although it hasn’t bloomed again, I’m hopeful that it will!  Oh and in the pot behind the Calla Lily is a rose bush I received from my son’s second grade teacher for being her room mom last year.  It is one of those plants that comes in one of those boxes that you can just stick into dirt.  Personally I think it looks dead but I’m holding out hope it’ll come back like the Calla Lily did. 


 Such a beautiful and sexy knit, and quick.  Currently I am working on the 7 inches between increases and decreases.  I have made several modifications but will wait till it’s finished to write it up. 


For some reason I’m totally obsessed with knitting skirts.  My next skirt will be Dakarti Skirt found in Greetings from Knit Cafe.  Julia did a beautiful job! 


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