Here goes nothing

I’m going to wear my skirt out today.  I figured what was the point of waiting for some special occassion, especially when the skirt is so versatile.  I can dress it up or down, plus it’ll be nice to show it off to my friends who saw me knitting it.  I’m sure they’re all dying to see the finished product. 😉   I will let y’all know how it holds up.  So far its been worn for several hours and it’s comfortable, hasn’t sagged or stretched. 

Poor little butterfly has been put on hold.  I just can’t quite figure her out.  Maybe I’m thinking about it too much but the whole thing seems like one big mess.  The hem seems too big.  I did 15 repeats for the XS whereas it seems most people did 12 or 13.  I know one day I’m going to be sitting somewhere and it’s just going to come to me like a lightbulb going off, right now my brain is too fuzzy.

With butterfly on hold this gives me the opportunity to work on other projects like intolerable cruelty, but most importantly my own design which has been sitting on the back burner because I’m not quite sure how to go about starting it.  I’ve never done this before, I’m always curious what the process is for other people who create their own designs.  Their very first one, how did they start?  Maybe I should sketch something first. 


2 Responses to “Here goes nothing”

  1. Megan Says:

    Wow Elizabeth! I just found your blog through your post on craftster and I had to tell you that I think you’re very talented. I’m off to add you to my bloglines. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    *blush* Thank you.

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