Indigo Ripples Skirt

I thought I blogged about it but it seems I’ve blogged about everything else under the sun except Indigo Ripples Skirt.  There is a KAL for this skirt, you can find it here Indigo Ripples Skirt KAL and another over at Craftster.

Indigo Ripples Skirt

Pattern: Kat Coyle – Interweave Knits Spring 2007

Yarn: Silk City Perle 3/2- 100% Cotton.  I’m not sure what the official color name is but it’s a very nice bluish gray.  At first I was worried about the yarn because it’s spun very tightly but am extremely pleased by the finished project.  The skirt drapes nicely and is soft and comfortable.  Because it is cotton I would definitely recommend washing and drying before wearing.

Needles:  US #6 Knit Picks Options

Time:  Approx. 1.5 weeks – This was a very quick and simple knit and would definitely recommend for a beginner. 

Modifications:  None, but if I were to knit another skirt I would omit at least two, maybe three increases in the hips.  My skirt falls a little below my knee.  The picture in the magazine has the skirt hitting above the knee.  Due to the yarn I used, I was able to get gauge width wise but it was longer length wise, which is why mine is longer than what the pattern calls for.  I personally don’t mind this because I tend to like my skirts(and dresses) to fall a little below my knee. 

Pattern Correction:

Unfortunately I had already finished the skirt before the correction came out.  In the close up you can see the pattern mistake.  I don’t think it’s that noticeable and it doesn’t look bad, at least not bad enough to frog and redo.  My next skirt will reflect the correction though.






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