Rusted Root

I finished this ages ago, around my birthday which was in January.  I even have pictures of it during its progress and upon comepletion but unfortunately I wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath and you can see stuff.  It was a very easy and quick pattern, one of the many things I enjoy about Zephyrstyle.  This is actually the second of three patterns I’ve bought from them, the first being Ms. Marigold, which I knit two of.  The third was Glee which I ended up frogging and recycling that yarn to knit the second Ms. Marigold.  Eventually I’ll go back and reknit Glee except this time I’ll pay closer attention to gauge.



 I’d add pattern notes except I don’t really remember needles size.  I knit the XS, used 100% cotton which I recycled from a sweater.  The sleeves are an issue.  Not only do they not pouf, they are also a little tight, and this is after I frogged and added more increases.  The tightness of the sleeves isn’t too much of an issue for me, I wear it regardless. 


2 Responses to “Rusted Root”

  1. sarah lou Says:

    hey, i’m wearing mine, today! i just finished it last week. hehehe mine’s green!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I saw it. It looks fantastic and I love that green!

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