More blah blah than knitting

I realize this blog has become more about just everyday stuff than it is about knitting.  Unfortunately I can’t help it.  Right now i’m in the midsts of butterfly and let’s just say she is a huge pain!  Beautiful but a pain nonetheless!  I am almost finished with the second hem and i’ve taken a slight break to work on the actual body of the pattern on a pair of practice needles.  It is ugly.  I have no idea what i’m doing.  How does one yo at the beginning and end of a row and why aren’t my diamonds lining up?  I’ve been knitting for maybe 2.5 years now but I am far from being a novice.  This isn’t my first big lace project, I should know what I’m doing.  Clearly there is something wrong with the pattern(yeah… that’s it, it’s the pattern!)

Just  in time for 100 degree weather here in TX…The pattern is Shifting Sands by Grumperina and is the companion piece to Besotted.  I have renamed both pieces. Besotted is Lucy and Shifting Sands is Lucy’s paramour Schroeder.  Yes, it’s a play on the Peanuts, how utterly clever of me.

Schroeder.  Despite its dark color you can really see the shifting sands. If the yarn looks familiar… think Salina.



Lucy.  I really wish I had gotten a better picture of her before giving her away.  Maybe I can get the recipient to send me a nicer picture that shows off her beauty and details better.



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