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You don’t seem your usual self

May 5, 2007

Thursday night at my son’s baseball game, a friend turned around and said Hi, then asked if everything was ok because I didn’t seem my usual “chipper” self.  I just thought it was funny that she was able to pick up on my mood.  No, I am not my usual self but one day I hope to be, maybe even a little better than my usual self.

It also seems that my knitting is not its usual self either.  I had to restart butterfly because in my paranoia of *oh no lace stretches, I think it’s too big* I realized that I had frogged one too many sections of lace hem and now she is too small.  The great part of all this is that I’ve totally memorized the lace hem pattern and instead of knitting just one hem like I had originally planned, I am going to knit two.  So I suppose silver linings do exist in most situations, you just have to look hard enough.