I think I can!

Butterfly.  I’m going to be very daring and knit it in the round.  I normally enjoy seaming, but the idea of seaming a lace dress… well I can’t put it into words, but let’s just say it doesn’t sound fun.  I also decided not to knit the second hem.  I may later regret this decision but for now I’m comfortable with this choice.  Someone did point out that the second hem adds weight to the bottom of the dress… if anything, it will make a delicious little nighty and let’s face it, chances of it staying on very long are pretty slim.  Either way I think the omission of the second hem was ingenious. 


The seam where I mattress stitched the two sides of the hem together.  It looks fairly invisible… maybe there is a better method, I’m not very good at the whole sewing thing. 


Call me crazy – but one of the main reasons I don’t have more than one project going on at a time is that for some reason I give my projects human like qualities. 

For instance: Salina.  Sitting.  Lonely.  Neglected.  Angry.  No one has paid any attention to her in days.  Knit me she yells.   But I have a more pressing project and a time line damnit.  She just doesn’t understand.     



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