Smile – Lily Allen(I always smile when I hear it.  I may also sometimes giggle to myself when listening closely to the lyrics.)

 My daughter’s school library threw up and there are books everywhere.  I know what you’re thinking… “It’s a library, aren’t there supposed to be books everywhere?”  The last two years I’ve helped out with the book swap.  It’s a very cool project, all the kids bring in the books they don’t want anymore and for every book they bring in they get a book dollar and with those dollars they get to “buy” new to them books.  This year I was asked to head up this project, and because I love books I said “YES!”  It’s a huge project and so far we’ve gotten over 1,000 books, every single one of them has to be counted and sorted through and separated into different categories.  Did I mention that yesterday was the first day that we started collecting books.  *Whoa*  I need a nap.

On the knitting front… I am oh so close to finishing my mom’s stole!  I am half way through my last diamond repeat, and then I have the final diamond and then the edge!  Approximately 50 more rows to go and it will be comeplete, then I have to block which is always a thankless task but the results make it oh so worth it.  I predict come Monday there will be a finished arctic diamonds stole.  YAY! 


One Response to “Exhausted”

  1. RaiulBaztepo Says:

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