Guilty Pleasure

Last Night – P. Diddy(We can also file this under “embarrassing.”)

 Ever notice how all knitters have cats?


 This is Pumpkin.  She tehnically belongs to my daughter.  In reality that means she belongs to me when she wants to be fed, my husband when she needs her kitty litter box cleaned, and to my daughter when she needs love.  She’s beautiful and extremely affectionate and loving.  In her defense, she was rather pissed that I dared take a picture of her during her nap.

And because you can’t show off one fur-baby without showing off the other.  This is Ellie, she is a golden retriever.  Her favorite activities include barking, whining, peeing in the house and chewing on shoes.  If I one day stop talking about Ellie, that last favorite activity might just be the reason why. 


Isn’t it so totally appropriate I post a picture of her doing one of her favorite activities!

Arctic Diamonds Stole: Started 1-14-07


75% done as of now.



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