Third times the charm

I probably should have thought out the whole responsibility of having a blog before jumping into it. 

 The bottom line: I can’t think, I can’t breathe, and I’m fairly miserable, moody and feeling really really mean.  I have never had allergies until we moved to TX.  You name it, I am probably allergic to it.  My only reprieve ever has been the use of zicam.  Unfortunately at the last knit meeting I went to my friend told me about this article she read that said that prolonged use of zicam can take away your sense of smell.  *eek*  I happen to really like smelling things and I am a freak when it comes to “dependancy” on “drugs” so therefore I suffer(greatly). 

On the plus side, we had friends over  Saturday night and I made a totally kick ass dinner!  Props to!  I love cooking and entertaining for that matter.  Probably almost as much as I love knitting.  We had a fabulous time and might I also add that my husband and I totally kicked everyone’s ass at 90’s Trivial Pursuit! 


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